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Japanese Sharking School

They are starting these kids off early.


by yak

submitted January 22nd 2008

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10 years ago
well, only the first one came close to "fantastic".
10 years ago
That's so fantastic, I'm gonna teach all the neighborhood kids to do this..... And film it....
10 years ago
set up...the chick in the long white dress had her hands in her crotch ready for it, and why the hell does mr myagi look like hitler
10 years ago
This is what they get for having such strict pornography rules over there...they've gone shark happy...
10 years ago
I guess the japs love kiddie porn
10 years ago
Of course you fucking idiot!
10 years ago
*slap* welcome to mucho....... deck!
10 years ago
LMFAO! No?!?! Only about as much as Americans love chocolate chip pancake sausage corndogs!
10 years ago
hey i have actually had the sausage dog things an they are awesome
10 years ago
that first one had the most pleasant japanese voice iver heard
10 years ago
they all talk that way, they are clones of each other
10 years ago
I'm suprised you even hear the voice Morph. Is your fasination dieing?
10 years ago
one would say mu fascination has grown still deeper for me to get to the point of noticing her voice among everything else.
10 years ago
this might not fly on NBC even with a writers strike
10 years ago
fuckin idiot
6 years ago
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