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The Exorcism of Britney Spears by Mike Huckabee

2008 Presidential Candidate and Baptist Preacher, Governor Mike Huckabee has stopped by to visit Britney at her bedside and help her find the Lord in her heart. Only to do so he is going to have to perform an Exorcism -just like in the horror classic The Exorcist. Featuring comedian Dante from Last Comic Standing.


by dickparsons

submitted January 21st 2008

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shoot yourself in the face dickparsons
10 years ago
yeah this not funny.
10 years ago
that's 40 odd seconds i'll never get back. i'm giving it up before i waste even more time
10 years ago
Congratulations on the worst video of the year so far!!!
Your prize is that you get to kill yourself!!!
10 years ago
pass and fail.

mostly fail.
10 years ago
i'll skip this...fuck you assferrit
10 years ago
Why do people think fat guys dressed as women is funny?
10 years ago
ok Removing those with aids from the public, is a good thing. It is Highly contagustand we do the same with other diseases like Taburckulosis,Soooooooooooo why not aids and HIV.... We it is because of you fucking Libs who hate it when we are mean to homosexuals... I know it isn't just fags with aids but it is associated with homos because they are the largest portion of infected but no don't be mean to the homos... Fuck that it isn't becuase you are gay it is because YOU HAVE HIV YOU IDIOT >>> WHY DON"T YOU BE A DECIENT HUMAN BEING AND REMOVE YOURSELF
10 years ago
why don't you shut up. you long winded fucking jerk
10 years ago
Does that faggot think we care what he thinks?
10 years ago
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