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NASCAR Winston Cup Air Time

Look! Up in the sky, Its a bird, Its a plane.........Its a Dodge!!!


by Mustang51PNA

submitted January 19th 2008

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Lame. If he died, I'd deal with the lame crash.

He lived. It sucked.
10 years ago
You'd be the first to shit bricks in that situation.
Shut the fuck up!
10 years ago
my scooter goes faster than that
10 years ago
..i seen.. i.. i seen him movin around... yes we do... shut the fuk up.
10 years ago
...his head's movin' around. Shame about the rest of his body being totally mashed though... quadriplegia, here I come!
10 years ago
that wasn't a dodge it was a ford.
10 years ago
10 years ago
fuck nascar.
10 years ago
fUck nAscar.
10 years ago
fuck Nesquik!
10 years ago
prefer Kaba!
10 years ago
I like how even the ambulance fishtails a bit to show off for the audience.
10 years ago
If that looked familiar, it was copied frame for frame for The King's crash at the end of Cars
10 years ago
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