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by cshoe86

submitted January 18th 2008

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I think its to make him feel better about his tiny wiener.
10 years ago
don't knock it till you try it.
10 years ago
suggesting you've tried it
10 years ago
Its because hes already dead inside, like a stripper, but nobody is supposed to notice.
10 years ago
funny as hell when I saw it at the ending of family guy
10 years ago
fuck. this is so fucked.
10 years ago
well that one way to do it.
10 years ago
10 years ago

hes about one stubbed toe away from cutting his penis off...

my limit is letting a girl bite my penis...
10 years ago
Thanks to the internet ive seen alot of things i didnt want to understand, but this one takes 1st place.
10 years ago
heavy breathing...
10 years ago
I thought the centipede was worse..or better however you look at it.
10 years ago
i think the maggots got his fingernails, too... and the magets may help him eat away his infections
10 years ago
ug i hope those are only blow fly maggots
10 years ago
this is like a death fetish, they feel excited about their own death, maggots are eatting them alive !
6 years ago
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