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3rd Degree Burns

I bet that would taste just like some nice fried chicken.


by yak

submitted January 13th 2008

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well at least it can't hurt seeing as how he has no nerve endings there any more...
11 years ago
But the skin graft sights will smart.
11 years ago
Bless you, Jamiee...
Your nipple always makes the gross shit tolerable....
11 years ago
goal achieved.
11 years ago
Got rid of the saw dude, huh trout?
Are those movies worth watching?
11 years ago
You haven't seen any of them? I enjoyed them quite a bit. They put a new spin on horror movies when they first came out but the fourth one was kinda getting monotonous....
11 years ago
I have this serious hankering for guacamole...
11 years ago
id lick it for say... a few hundred thousand dollars and total payoff of my student loans...

..oh and just to make quick Prick happy a bucket o chicken!
11 years ago
Because you know you're gonna be cravin' it.
11 years ago
Cock_Draw is dead...off to ebaums with bitcho...hopefully forever.
11 years ago
DEFINITELY gynoherpasyphillaids
11 years ago
It's Herpagonnosyphilaids, you stupid twat.
11 years ago
which is ? in pure english
11 years ago
All sexually transmitted diseases rolled into one....
In other words, Bicho bit this guy and now he will die...
End of story...
11 years ago
damn fool didn't anyone tell that to get a happy face you only hold the lighter on the skin for a few seconds
11 years ago
HAH ! FAKE ! it's a close-up of a hand (wrist) and a black one at that! in which case it will be just some shit stuck to it from yesterdays dump in the woods.
11 years ago
He shouldn't be taking a dump in that poisen ive. That will teach him.
10 years ago
richard prior?
11 years ago
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