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The black gestapo

Title says it all


by narcoleptic

submitted January 13th 2008

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Those racist coons. When will those niggers learn racism solves nothing only Helter Scelter will solve it.
11 years ago
Go fuck yourself Charlie Manson.
11 years ago
Raping white women and Killing honkies since 1978
11 years ago
11 years ago
Leave it up to niggers to use a racist idealism to promote niggerness across the lands
11 years ago
and from this master race....Sprung up..."Planet Of the Apes"
11 years ago
11 years ago
No one expects the Black Gestapo.
11 years ago
The "final solution" for the white devil!

I've been known to "touch a brothers woman" from time to time.
11 years ago

nah this vid says it all...

nice tits on that black chick tho.
11 years ago
hahahahahahaha best comedy ever.
11 years ago
Wait if they wipe out drugs prostitution and crime what jobs would they have left?
11 years ago
Selling hubcaps ?
11 years ago
Silly, the Mexicans already have that job!
11 years ago
Is it just me, or did that mocha-skinned sista have perfect tits?
11 years ago
Is that Mac from Night Court as their leader?
11 years ago
"Go ahead and rape me, honky bastard"

I bet QuickDraw has that tattoo'd on him somewhere.
10 years ago
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