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Milk, It Does A Body Good


Good to the last drop!


by Mustang51PNA

submitted January 12th 2008

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The fact that the milk is coming out in different streams worries me a little...
11 years ago
nope, thats normal.
11 years ago
sure dude.. ya know, what ever gets ya going...
11 years ago
Are you seriously implying you would not suck the calcium right out of bitable nips??? ...queer
11 years ago
I had no idea they could actually squirt as far as they did.

*The More You Know!
11 years ago
That's some high pressure milk!
Repeat after me:
Lactal accident,
Lactal accident,
Lactal accident...
11 years ago
nice tits... although those nipples scare me.
11 years ago
now that, gave me a hard on
10 years ago
sad thing is....she has a child sumwhere..probly sold it, now its better off, dusnt hav a whore for a mother.
10 years ago
That's very presumptious of you Buster.
My three babes are happy, healthy and have all been well fed by my breasts, but I too had situations like she's having and always had more milk than needed for them and gave bottles of it to the local hospice.
10 years ago
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