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If MuchoSucko had a Real World Show...

Dik, Hank, Vic, Orangeboom, Plantshit, Morph, DickNixonJR, Myself and everyone else stuck in a house...you know this is how it would be...I WANNA SEE BOOBIES!!!


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submitted January 8th 2008

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So which one of you is the one getting laid?
10 years ago
I'm the one still hiding under the bed...
10 years ago
I was left out.
10 years ago
...cough...I mentioned everyone else...sorry...you can live in the basement...how's that?
10 years ago
Poor Archie.... always in the basement.
10 years ago
...hey...look on the bright side...that's where all the BDSM toys are...
10 years ago
Once again, I'm the guy hiding IN the bed.
10 years ago
So....whos the guy hiding in the closet?
10 years ago
IRanian ofcourse. Hank is the queer tickling the dude
10 years ago
arch was the fat guy.

i still haven't found those keys..
10 years ago
I'm in the ceiling.
10 years ago
Don't make me the fat guy. I'm happy to be the unincluded guy in the basement.
10 years ago
haha you knwo the fat one is smerf dick nix is definately the gay tickler.. and the rest of you can name yourselves...
10 years ago
Aaaaannnnnd you're an asshole.
10 years ago
hahahah "muaaahhh tickle-tickle!"
10 years ago
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