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Interesting way

to commit suicide


by cshoe86

submitted January 7th 2008

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Well what did you expect? White people are fucking morons, everyone knows that.
10 years ago
that guy was mexican
10 years ago
So a white Mexican
10 years ago
there r no white Mexicans
10 years ago
You know he's mexican because he's trying to steal the car.
10 years ago
Maybe he was trying to steal the copper wiring.
10 years ago
He forgot his stash
9 years ago
...Recent searches
"Family Guy sex"
...How low must one sink?
10 years ago
hahaha, i see that too.
10 years ago
dog licking pussy, girls fucking horses, poop fudge, or my personal favourite, ne-yo sex
10 years ago
"anal monster"
is interesting too.
10 years ago
"Furry" - Morph
"Porn" - Everyone here
"Kiddie" - Hank
"Masturbation" - Someone who needs a how to book
10 years ago
"dog licking pussy"
"small penis tiny"
"r kelly sex tape"

it's like some people think we have everything.
10 years ago
The ever present "Two girls and 1 cup"
10 years ago
James, I'm a little worried about "anal monster" too
10 years ago
i got "man gets fucked to death by a horse"
10 years ago
Hmmmm....someone has the original:
"naked high school"
10 years ago
I see "3D porno" and I'm pissed cuz I never got any glasses.
10 years ago
i like how vivica fox sex tape is in the top searches, and we don't even have one.
10 years ago
"bus rape"
"meth ho"
"lindsey lohans pussy"
"father fuck daughter"

i wonder if the people who frequent this site and have user names actually look for some of the stuff in that or if it's nameless passers-by.
10 years ago
I got the worst one of all

10 years ago
"rubber nipples" from ren&stimpy
10 years ago
self fucking...

and diaper slave....
10 years ago
dog that suck penis
cum in my face/mouth
16 year old getting fucked
10 years ago
"sex arab" and "not a party girl"
10 years ago
Vomit(a jap)
hardcore hentai(morph)
worlds biggest penis(kojach)
vida guerra sex tape(me)
tickle torture(not a clue)
oil(who'd look for oil on mucho :S)
abi titmuss video(who the fuck is abi titmuss?)
pee(r kelly)
cute naked public(me again)
korea sex(kagemaru)
ron jeramy(oranje, the dyslecix brit)
cock(kojach going for the second round)
10 years ago
"fat granny"
10 years ago
-male handjob
-guys gone wild
-woman fucking a dog
-girl fucked by horse
-harry potter hentai(it wasn't me!)
10 years ago
Vic, all you need to know is that Abi Titmuss is pretty fucking hot.
10 years ago
hell yeah, i just looked her up..
10 years ago
Wow, I thought a guy was already inside. WTF? This is definately Mucho material.
10 years ago
that's something you don't see every day
10 years ago
that's why you carry a camera with you everywhere you go.
10 years ago
Thanks to mucho, however, you can now see it every day.
10 years ago
I got "plantshit"
10 years ago
fuckin shit... that was meant for the conversation above.
10 years ago
it was a nice try though
10 years ago
shit i forgot my beer in the cup holder!
10 years ago
i see dik wasn't here yet so i should leave a reply to myself in his name so he doesn't feel left out-dik says-shut up you noob, go fuck your noob self you noob, noobity noob noob noob noob, fuck noob, fag noob, gay noob, suck noob, die noob, the noobiest of the noob, noobier than you are noob...and finally ass noob.

i hope that was sufficient dik.
10 years ago
did your parents beat you!?
10 years ago
They were beating him when he typed it.
10 years ago
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