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This video shows what happened when a chemical factory caught fire and blew up all over the place


by Stephen

submitted December 29th 2007

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11 years ago
00:25 looks like my office, without any explosion.
11 years ago
at 00:01 i didnt care
11 years ago
No people running around on fire? what a waste...do it again! and make sure there are people burning this time!
11 years ago
there is certainly not enough panic, trampling, or distress for my liking
11 years ago
00:16 you can hear the stupid vista computer
11 years ago
this happened in my city (san dimas)
a few years back only a few blocks down from where i live

crazy shit, also a man at a chemical lab ALSO in this city ran up once with a vial of acid (of some sort) and through it all over a ladies face lol

11 years ago
Must have been a crazy muslum from Pakistan, or a juggalo jealous of her make-up.
11 years ago
Muslims sure do have a fucked up peception of honour!
11 years ago
COOL, i see your from San Dimas, do you know them two guys bill and Ted?
11 years ago
11 years ago
Ive caused more damage with my farts!
11 years ago
he aint lying... i still cant hear out of my left ear
11 years ago
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