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Dumptruck Rampage

Well at least he had a good run...


by yak

submitted December 29th 2007

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'the road monster shows no fear'
11 years ago
Shut up, queer
11 years ago
yea shut up fag
11 years ago
dont hate me, hate society
11 years ago
Fucking shut up.
11 years ago
stopped cold with a baseball bat
never woulda guessed it
11 years ago
wonder if the guy with the baseball bat got any assault charges
11 years ago
or black
11 years ago
i love the sound at 1:31. i think i make similar noises during sex.
11 years ago
"This guy is a menace"
"And then it happens"

I always love how this show was blatenly dubbed over with the same guys' voices.
11 years ago
Nice PIT maneuver.
11 years ago
Phoenix; fat white trash and beaners. One positive note a drive through liquor store and strip club on every corner.
11 years ago
isnt that two you fucking twat
11 years ago
OOooooohhhh oooh uuuuhhhhhg!

1:33 the chopper guy sounds like he just came all over quick draws face.

and its about time too. im next
11 years ago
The chopper guy always sounds the same no matter what state or country it is.
11 years ago
The empty dumptruck weighs 80,000 lbs? Really?

I hate sheriff greyhair and his lies.
11 years ago
No shit. A fully loaded semi weighs 80,000 lbs.
11 years ago
This man is a GOD.

Oh, and news reporters are fuckfaces and John Walsh is a closeted child-molester.
10 years ago
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