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Girl Eats a Big Worm

Looks like a big caterpillar, but it doesn't even look like she swallows it.. what a pussy.


by yak

submitted December 28th 2007

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Jordan is a Whore.

But you should hear the applause she gets after the Gang Bang in the next part of the clip.
11 years ago
When I'm sad, I cram dung-beetles up my snatch, so I won't be lonely! .... IS THAT SO WRONG????? .... sniff-sob- GASP!
11 years ago
I'm thinking I should be a highschool teacher for my next job.
11 years ago
I think I would like that job too.
11 years ago
I'm thinking you guys would be thrown out.
11 years ago
I used to teach a few university classes, mostly for first year students. I kept it together for 3 years and honestly only fucked one student (after she graduated and had nothing more to do with the school at all). Anyway, I decided I wanted to move into a different position in a different department at the school, but didn't get the job. A professor friend of mine was there to hear the conversation when it was decided that I wasn't getting hired, and the off-the-record reason is that I was fucking a lot of my students (the reason I was told is that I was overqualified and they worried I would quit or be unsatisfied). Apparently it was said by one person (who I had never even met) that I'd fuck any of the girls that I could and had altered marks frequently for girls that I was boning.

So, anyway, I basically got thrown out.
11 years ago
well atleast shes still fuckable.

and single caus ewho wants to be with a dumb bitch who gives into peer pressure and does degrading shit just to get approval from a bunch of nobodies....
11 years ago
yeah exactly.
11 years ago
I've got a worm see can swallow...
11 years ago
...is it really that small...?
11 years ago
I guess you two have something in common now
11 years ago
yeah i guess so.

youre not included... white niggers i hear are well endowed. atleast that what your dad says about your mom
11 years ago
that is a tomato moth larvae also known as the Manduca quinquemaculata.
11 years ago
Makes you wonder what else she would swallow?

titty juices.
11 years ago
what "won't" she put in her mouth?
11 years ago