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Fun With Asian Fembot

Of course they programmed it to react to someone touching its tits..... OF COURSE!


by yak

submitted December 26th 2007

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Bitch, I am your GOD! I can touch your damn breastusus whenever I want!
10 years ago
they finally make an android woman and it's a cripple and a prude...... nice...
10 years ago
I want someone to rape my japanese g.f.
9 years ago
Great just what we need a cocktease stuck up cripple robot...
10 years ago
I find this rather amusing, but I'm curious what the next demonstration will be, maybe a killer female assassin:

"So, Tom, do you want to try and approach her?"
Tom: "Uh, no, that's ok..."
10 years ago
"I do not like it when you touch my breasts."
I cracked up when it said that. She's wheelchair bound, she should be begging people to touch her breasts.
10 years ago
What is up with its hand movements at 2:06.

It look like it slapped someones ass then rubbed there head as it got eaten out.
10 years ago
It looks like she's made of eroskin. Coincidence? I don't think so. i bet he tries the helicopter position with her later.
10 years ago
cant even molest robots now?!?!? wuts the world coming too.
10 years ago
"ouch! i do not like this... why did you do that for?"

"it is hurt"
10 years ago
That brings back memories.
10 years ago
Wonder if she has a fleshlight between her legs?
10 years ago
why don't you check it out.
10 years ago
I hope all the women of the world realise they are gonna become obsolete soon.
10 years ago
like your mom
10 years ago
Now if we can de-programme the "don't touch my breasts" part and teach her to do dishes she'd be perfect !
10 years ago
This age's technology sucks
10 years ago
Maybe she's a cripple puritant because Asimo (Honda robot) fucked her up?
10 years ago
The vibrating pussy upgrade is a must
2 years ago
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