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Russian Bridenapping


by yak

submitted December 26th 2007

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I have a Russian friend, and I'm gonna get him to translate this so we can find out what really happened.
10 years ago
Go ahead but i think logical deduction says that... they stole a bitch.
10 years ago
translate? do you guys have audio? i have none on this clip. but i agree, they stole the bitch
10 years ago
You don't have audio? Whata a noob.
10 years ago
The audio is fucking awesome.
10 years ago
Q: How many Russians does it take to nap a bride?
A: About 20.
10 years ago
mebbe they just borrowed her
10 years ago
yeah... they gonna have som good clean fun with her tonight.. and you know russians love their shit and piss burgers...
10 years ago
damn they just ran up and shoplifted her lolz
10 years ago
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