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Rally Car 171 Foot Jump

I don't think that rally car's were really made to jump..... at all..


by yak

submitted December 26th 2007

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That was cool.
11 years ago
Fucking right, Subaru's rock. Unless its a station wagon, then your just a lesbian.
11 years ago
subaru's suck dick, worst resale value and interior, it only gives i bad rush and a chaffing ass. i can get that at any street corner in atlantic city.
11 years ago
well doc, it seems you are in fact full of shit. Subarus do indeed rock. and i think maybe the ass chaffing you are experiencing is from your boyfriend and his rapper buddies gettin a little rough with the bottle of Hennesey. dontcha think??
11 years ago
I'm a lesbian...trapped in a man's body.
11 years ago
Explains why you can't figure out what "Reply" means.
11 years ago
it would be awesome if it hit the camera
11 years ago
Kinda like your prolapsed rectum did when I was taping your father fucking you with the pineapple.
11 years ago
Sorry Wank-Me
11 years ago
I didn't realize I was violating some ethics code or other protocol.
11 years ago
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