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More Money Talks


I have a feeling that it would take much less money to get some of these whores to do what they do.


by yak

submitted December 19th 2007

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haha time to go to the bank and dust of the video camera.
11 years ago
11 years ago
00:56 == priceless.
11 years ago
Yeahh...If u were rich...u can do this kinda shit man...thing is...u gotta b a millionaire..cuz...if not...ure gonna lose your money real fast...
11 years ago
you know that waxing hurt like hell cause she didnt even take it off all the way... 40 year old virgin came to mind.
11 years ago
I laughed when that mexican drank the castrol oil... then had diahrea.
11 years ago
she looked like a porn star to start off with, she was going to end up on the net anyway might as well get paid
11 years ago
that chick has had anal since the day she hit puberty. no way that a whore looking like that has not had it in every hole on her body at least once (not to mention she obviously prepared for an anal scene beforehand or she'd have shit all over that room).
11 years ago
not everyone has the desire to get pumped in the ass like you do hotshot
11 years ago
11 years ago
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