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Getting Your Body Implants Changed

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that most of those mods are really intended on being semi permanent..


by yak

submitted December 18th 2007

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hahahaha, what a happy video
11 years ago
11 years ago
changed or added....
11 years ago
What exactly is the purpose of the cardboard box staples? I'm also hoping that this lead to massive infections and loss of limb(s).
11 years ago
so what was the kid trying to make with that shit? a shoe lace?
11 years ago
>he;s not CHANGING a body mod, he;s putting in a changable body mod, things can screw in, its not very likley to get infected as long as he gets an ointment. like. if he's shitting on his arm, and not washing it. he'll get an infection. but if he maintains it like any one would. he'll be fine. he's not hurting anyone. leave hime(her) alone >: []
11 years ago
Im guessing your a goth/emo right?
11 years ago
clearly... a fag
11 years ago
He has every right to be a retarded faggy homo, and we have every right to laugh at him and deny him employment (e.g. say 'no' when he offers to squeegee our car windows.)
11 years ago
whats the deal, do doctors do this shit or can any bum do this shit?.
11 years ago
The people in Body Piercing Shops are not doctors - in some places anyone can start one, so if you are having something done you are advised to view their credentials / training / certification etc
11 years ago
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