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(TPS) This Place Sucks

superfriends meets office space


by hno

submitted December 16th 2007

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Office space has been waaaaaaaaaay overdone
11 years ago
So have blank stares after someone says something ridiculous. Thats when you know the writers couldn't come up with anything. "That doesn't deserve a response (because I couldn't think of one)."
11 years ago
Who the fuck asked you?
11 years ago
That was me. Sorry everybody.
11 years ago
lol they do kind of look like them
11 years ago
I saw this chick dressed up like Wonder Woman at a Halloween party, no not on Bones but that was hot too, point is, Chicks need to dress up like Wonder Woman.
11 years ago
agreed. it should be a requirement.
11 years ago
But only if they look good in the costume. I agree.
11 years ago
heh.. it has abeen over done but still good for a chuckle now and then...

i miss sealab...
11 years ago
yeah...me too!!
11 years ago
It's not overdone enough.
11 years ago
Isle De Chupacabra
11 years ago
Did you find the Bizarro episode a little... Odd?
11 years ago
11 years ago
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