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bavarian vending machine


i guess she used diet coke to keep in shape...^^


by Romeo2000

submitted December 12th 2007

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haha did her ass just burp? oh, and nice piercings, i'm getting my mom that for christmas
11 years ago
She kinda looks like your mom.
11 years ago
i'm thirsty
11 years ago
I want more videos of this whore. Did you see those nipples!
11 years ago
Diet coke, I said regular.
11 years ago
so the coke never gets opened. do you think it gets trashed, recycled or simply rinse off?
11 years ago
Coke out of an ass would probly still taste better than pepsi.
11 years ago
I second this comment
11 years ago
I agree
11 years ago
talk about mud flaps, she could fly away with those lips
11 years ago
Now if pepsi used this type of advertising, I would probably drink it more.
11 years ago
What I thought was amazing was the part in the end when it got all quiet and her ass shot it out and landed standing up!
I apluaded her!
11 years ago
Next she should try doing that, but when it pops out, the can should be empty
11 years ago
should she then spray everyone with it like the japs or be unique and just hold it in? if she really wanted to impress me she would throw up the entire contents of the can into a cup and have at it. that would make my day right there
11 years ago
Next time try it without lube.
11 years ago
She clearly loves pain.... no way shes getting through customs...
11 years ago
coke,its the real thing.
11 years ago
ok..that has got to be the nastiest ass hole ive seen to date....lube = cheating.
11 years ago
That... is a stretched rectum.
And calloused at that.
It has been put to
many a good use.
Keep up with the ass-fucks.
That is serving humankind.
10 years ago
gravity takes its toll.. give your body a break..
10 years ago
This makes me thirsty
6 years ago
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