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Bat wings


the real thing on video


by Plantshit

submitted December 12th 2007

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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she didn't tuck them up into her asshole.... for some reason i assumed she would.
11 years ago
I was waiting for her to tie a bow.
11 years ago
Wouldn't it dry out?...you know, holding it open for so long?
11 years ago
you worry to much. ha ha she's not a person... she is porn.
11 years ago
is this night of the mud flaps or what?
11 years ago
so im confused...christian bale isnt in this one?
11 years ago
ha ha she should staple them to her legs to keep them up and out of the way
11 years ago
Another candidate for anal bleaching.
11 years ago
when she sits down, it reminds me of a pink version of the Rorschach inkblot test. Whoreschach maybe :P
11 years ago
The whole time i was watching this i was thinking..wtf is that? Razor burn? Herpes gone wild? i just want to shoot her with a dart full of penicillin...
11 years ago
haha iw as thinking the same thing
11 years ago
YEEE HAAA... get me a rope... let's see if she can paraglide!
11 years ago
wow, she could applaud herself during some sort of running event.
11 years ago
post op?

maybe he asked for them to leave a bit extra just for show...
11 years ago
Nice pussy lips. She needs to find a good barber. I would fuck her without a condom.
11 years ago
flap flap flap
9 years ago
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