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Lesbians! =D


Lesbians at their best.


by -DeadKennedys-

submitted December 11th 2007

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how come they don't show the 18 wheel driver, flannel wearing lesbians??
11 years ago
porno is about fantasy.

18-wheeler driving, flannel wearing lesbians are reality.

no one likes reality.
11 years ago
They probably have 'real' lesbian porn, but who wants to watch it?
11 years ago
...."real" lesbians?
11 years ago
11 years ago
Maybe they're not lesbians. Judging by the tits, the one pushing could be Smerf.
11 years ago
Ah yes, another person who's jumped on the "take cheap shots at smerf" bandwagon. You don't get to comment like that. I'm sure you don't even know how that got started.
11 years ago
Who started that campaign?
11 years ago
Those chicks need a fat dick!
11 years ago
I think it was 1rish, actually.
11 years ago
you know...the girl getting dildo'd looks a lot like an ex of mine.

figures she's a poonchaser now.
11 years ago
You date emo looking sluts that turn in to lesbos after breaking up with you? That sucks dude =/
11 years ago
dude one of my friends did the exact same thing
10 years ago
nah they arent that hot...
11 years ago
nope nope they are not
11 years ago
yeah what a fucking gross pussy
11 years ago
I always thought girls liked it nice and slow. This girl looks like she's trying to put out a flame or something.
11 years ago
ok i'm gonna go throw up now....curiosity killed the cat's appetite...
11 years ago
wtf?! this video is gross.
1. the pussy is LOOSE AS HELL. gross.
2. wayyy to fast and hard and rough. what kinda girl likes that?!
11 years ago

this chick is hella nasty
she looks like she is fat,emo
those are both turn offs

plus shes getting pounded

0 out of 10
10 years ago
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