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Glengarry Glen Ross Research

You fucks!


by cheekycov

submitted December 10th 2007

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Fuck you, you Fuck... haha
10 years ago
The SNL skit on santas workshop with Alec Baldwin was better
10 years ago
Is this how Yak decides what videos to post?
Yak: You think this is you tube you fucks.
Oranjeboom: Will you post my kitten video?
Yak: You little piece of shit. You drive a Ford Fiesta don't you, you fuck?
Oranjeboom: Hey I'm a vet.
Yak: We're not interested in fucking losers!
Yak: And what have you fucks come up with lately.
Asphace: I took a shit upside down in my bath tub.
Yak: I can work with that. You get to go to the Christmas party for 5 mins you fuck.
10 years ago
What the fuck were you thinking before you pressed post? How the hell could you think that was a good idea? How on earth did you believe it was good to send the evidence that those thought went through your head out for the world to see? Did you think this would help you make an alliance with the likes of elpiss? Are you trying to rival the likes of Plantshit for comment material?
10 years ago
actually funny you mention that..
today i said "you know what, i'm going to post all the videos that people post and see if they cry"
just trying to show you all the fucking crap posts i have to sift through (and then take abuse for not posting) every day :P
10 years ago
...& its a mouse not a cat, polar fucking opposite, fuck stick.
10 years ago

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I rest my case.
10 years ago
I'm here for comedic relief.
PS Do you look like Bronson Pinchot from perfect strangers?
10 years ago
10 years ago
Whos goin to the Christmas party? IM goin to the Christmas party
10 years ago
I'll go to the Christmas party, you fuck.
10 years ago
I only posted this yesterday you fucks.
10 years ago
I will lurk at the Christmas party.
10 years ago
I'll bring the punch!
(Laced with LSD)
10 years ago
10 years ago
Mmmm, LSD, tripilicious
10 years ago
10 years ago
Oh yea more shitty vids thank you
10 years ago
You don't like it? What a fucking shame. Get off your worthless shit-stained arse and submit something yourself. Cunt.
10 years ago
you don't like it YOU FUCK?
10 years ago
I think its supposed the evils of privatized medical research..either way im not laughin. fuckin brit humour
10 years ago
Go watch some Dane Cook you fucking noob.
10 years ago
*show...ive got some spyware prog on my comp from trying to DL a crack >,<
10 years ago
10 years ago
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