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Jenna Jameson


Sucking a mean cock.


by yak

submitted December 8th 2007

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Damn.. Not a single "suprise" in the whole video..
10 years ago
awesome soundtrack.
original plot
surprise ending
more and more original content on the internet lately
10 years ago
The guitar riff makes it happen.
10 years ago
now she knows how to suck a good pee pee. :P
10 years ago
I didn't know Joe Satriani was doing music for porno. Good for him.
10 years ago
Crowd Chant.
10 years ago
Does Tito get it like that ?
10 years ago
No, Tito does it like that.
10 years ago
10 years ago
Great video, but i didnt figured out what he ment with mean cock. Isnt it kind of gay to call other mens penis stuffs?
10 years ago
it would be more gay to call it something like mr tickles or something like that... a cock is a pretty common term here :P
10 years ago
The word "mean" actually describes the blowjob, not the cock. It's also common to hear "she sucks a nice cock", in which case the word "nice" refers to how she is sucking, rather than the cock.

The only other time I can think of when the words get twisted around like this is with games and musical instruments. "Plays a mean guitar" is a common phrase, so suggest that the guitar-playing is very good. You can also play a hard game of tennis.

The Who had a song a few decades back with the lyrics "That deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball."
10 years ago
"nice cock" is worse
10 years ago
10 years ago
It sounds like 80's porn.
10 years ago
When is she finally going to do anal?
10 years ago
Jenna is Awesome!!!
Hallandale Beach, Florida
Saturday, August 22nd
10:57 PM (EST)
8 years ago
are you a fucking retard or what?
8 years ago
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