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super gymnast!

guy powerbombs himself!


by XxShadowFalconxX

submitted December 8th 2007

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ha ha , dumb ass white boys!
11 years ago
I love how he set up the camera all by himself because he knew how dumb he would look....
11 years ago
What I dont understand is why he still uploaded it to the internet
11 years ago
He's probably like, "I don't know what happened. I was just trying to do a back flip, and the ground just came up and smacked me. Stupid ground!"
11 years ago
Shit! What is all this ground doing here!?
11 years ago
wario correction.....he was attempting a backside frontflip, not a back flip. its would have been a whole lot sweeter thou if it was a bak flip, couse he would have landed on his face in stead of his neck an back!
11 years ago
"oh man, i looked so stupid doing that, lemme just post that on the interawebs"
11 years ago
or " hey billy look what i found on jimmy's camera lets post it to show everybody what an idiot he is"
11 years ago
watching the slo mo I can't understand how he didn't break his neck... is this "Rubberman"??
11 years ago
skinny dumbass should have kept his shirt on now he looks like a tard and a weak one at that....
10 years ago
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