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2 Guys 1 Cup

Some hot interracial action...^^


by Romeo2000

submitted December 7th 2007

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Ya'll niggas is gay
11 years ago
goddamnit, i thought you died a long time ago. please go away and never come back.
11 years ago
No, Ryogay is endlessly fascinating in his quest for international superstardom. I was watching breakfast TV a few months and fuck me if an interviewer didn't ask Ryogay a thing or two in LA. I spat my cornflakes all over the table and milk shot out of my nose. Thanks for the entertainment! Done any bondage photos lately?
11 years ago
Ryoga is about 10x cooler than both of you combined.
11 years ago
Who the fuck are roozer and McWoozy, anyway?
11 years ago
I'm with Smerf...and his oddly shape nipple and it's piercing of doom.
11 years ago
I'm with....
Someone else,
I'll come get my shit soon.
11 years ago
...how is my nipple oddly shaped?
11 years ago
whats with all the noobs...it started a week ago and hasnt stopped...WHO THE HELL LEAKED THE LINK?
11 years ago
we will overrun u all!
10 years ago
I prefer the original.
11 years ago
I prefer peanut sprinkles on mine
11 years ago
o man, this was a laugh riot. it had me rolling on the floor laughing out loud. o man there are tears in my eyes. o boy. i love Vh1, they are so clever.
11 years ago
I honestly thought it was funny.
11 years ago
john mayer?
11 years ago
I LOVE JOHN MAYER!!! he's a funny guy very sarcastic, just what I love about him.
11 years ago
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