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Maybe he could sell the skateboard?

Skater gets his revenge after man takes his board.


by riversakiller

submitted December 5th 2007

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11 years ago
ker-shut it!
11 years ago
ker-fuck off, no one here likes you, gayboy.
11 years ago
shadow:get that cock out of your ass. i know you want to suck it and shut the fuck up :)
11 years ago
lol nice
11 years ago
That was fucking awesome, that kid rocks. SMASH!
11 years ago
fucking guy didnt want anything to do wit the kid after he got 5-0'ed in the face! lol
11 years ago
lol, i love that kid,
why ppl hate skaters anyway?
11 years ago
Good Charlotte, street vision, chained link wallets, nipple rings, tongue rings, those black bracelets with metal nubs, gwar,they never have drugs.
11 years ago
you seem to be mixing skaters for emo kids... and then metal heads? and then perhaps straight edge people?.. i honestly don't know :/
people hate skaters because most of them now adays are just fucking douchebags that will go around disregarding personal property, fucking up shit with their wheels leaving marks everywhere and their trucks scratching up paint and shit..

its just like anything, a few retards give everyone a bad name...
11 years ago
why should i care anyway?
im not a skater, neither an emo, neither any thing else, i get enough hatred just for being Iranian!
11 years ago
yeah you stupid goatfucker!

btw yak is totally right about skaters.

there are some that just don't care about what other people think when they're flying past them on the sidewalk..
11 years ago
Not the X-5!!
11 years ago
hahahahah lol. that was funny..
but somehow i get the idea the man wasn't trying to take his board for nothing..
11 years ago
ya, but somehow i think he deserved what he got
11 years ago
Ya, but noone reads comments from 7 day old posts.
11 years ago
guy mariano
10 years ago
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