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Japanese Foot Wrestling!

Why does this not surprise me one bit.


by yak

submitted December 4th 2007

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uh oh hotdog :/
11 years ago
ok ok, you know.. its like yeeees, yeees, the monkey go, how you say? yeeees.
11 years ago
This was only slightly entertaining.
11 years ago
What did you expect to see?
11 years ago
what i like about this sport is what they wear practicing it. too bad the fat ugly one won
11 years ago
I'd hit it
11 years ago
Good thing the Japs are sidetracked on crap like this and Pachinko gambling... otherwise they might take over the world
11 years ago
What network (cable,dish) can I get these inspiring educational Japanese programs?
11 years ago
it creeps me out thinking about being sliced by the other persons toe nails. i'd flip i think.
11 years ago
No one gives a shit.
11 years ago
11 years ago
i found this extremely erotic.

it combines two of my many loves...
11 years ago
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