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Weed Whacker use #37

Good for trimming unsightly body hair...and skin.


by Thought_Criminal

submitted December 1st 2007

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good moves
11 years ago
And shitty music!
11 years ago
good shit right there....
11 years ago
Set Scene at WWE (or whatever) planning session:
Jimmy the gay producer: We need a new gimmick to show our hillbilly fans.
Ralph: I dunno, I was cleaning out my garage and found my old weed wacker and was going to fuck you with it.
Jimmy the gay producer: Oh really? I have a better idea........
11 years ago
Wrestling is homo. Even with weed whackers. Especially with weed whackers.
11 years ago
I love how you can see the skin particles fly in the air, like his chest just like sneezed or something.
11 years ago
I would clug that bigguy in the back of the head with a hammer little after.
11 years ago
Good old line trimmers....
11 years ago
I miss old school wrestling. .. anything before about 1995
11 years ago
ouch! i've always wondered what those things would do to ya.
11 years ago
you know, amidst all the shit talking A GANG OF THIS FUCKIN FOOTAGE IS ACTUALLY JUGGALO SHIT

if you dont understand let me explain

first ima start with, i dont care much for wrestling I DID IN 3RD FUCKIN GRADE

but this shit IS in the JCW videos
they do this shit all the fuckin time to each other

out here in southern cali theres HUGE get togethers in backyards where people do this and video tape it all the time

now im goin back to drinkin at 9 am

die vic
11 years ago
You fucking cock smoker.
11 years ago
I don't understand anything he said
11 years ago
make me, clown-cock smoker!
11 years ago
its funny there's no jugalloos here that i or dik.jr know of
11 years ago
btw the capslock button is on the far left of your keyboard. feel free to never use it again..
11 years ago
11 years ago
bw btw btwq btw btw btw btw

blah blah blah

feel free to shove your smart ass attitude straight up your loose asshoooole
11 years ago
is it hard? knowing that you'll never be as intelligent as some of the people you see over here?
11 years ago
you should learn to express yourself, and i'm not talking about tantrums, little clownboy.
11 years ago
What the fuck is that juggaloser talking about?
11 years ago
"HUGE gettogethers in backyards."

11 years ago
Juggafuck is talking out his ginormious asshole.
Get togethers like painting each others faces with your infertile man jam?
Drinking shitty cheap soda?
Listening to shitty music?
Sounds like you have a good life going for you.
11 years ago
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