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jackass protester Mardi Gras 2006

fuck face


by yourname

submitted November 29th 2007

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is God guy sounds like a real buzz kill.
11 years ago
He is...he demands you repents your "SINS" which are all the good shit in the world, and then asks that you accept him into your heart!? This guy's fucking nuts...
11 years ago
so... whose first to rape this guy in the butt?
11 years ago
"Even this girl...(says so?)"... Wow, if thats not proof, Im not sure what is
11 years ago
im safe, he didnt list mucho-ers
11 years ago
"God Haters" is an interesting one. As if anyone "knows" god and hates it.
11 years ago
god is afraid of me
11 years ago
No I'm not.
11 years ago
another ignorant "guru" that wants to impose his stupid ideas on other people, why doesnt anyone kick his ass?
11 years ago
Actually, he was correct. They are sluts - that's why we like 'em.
11 years ago
I really like sluts
11 years ago
What an idiot. I'll bet he secretly desperately wants some dick. They all do.
10 years ago
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