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Ron Jeremy


Dont know what to say......... You know you would too if you could... 18+


by dubstyle420

submitted September 10th 2004

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Fuck You ALL! Repost!
11 years ago
11 years ago
Wow, it was left wide open for more than a year and no one posted "first".
11 years ago
well i guess all the huge names in porn have their dark secret bouts of gaydom.. i mean check out peter north...
11 years ago
I think I saw him saying one time that he did this once on tape and it embarrassed him forever.
11 years ago
Once? That's the second video clip I've seen him do it in ^^ And embarassing or not, he looks like he was enjoying himself.
11 years ago
I bet so many guys have attempted to do this afert comeing to mucho
11 years ago
Would you lick yourself out if you had a 4ft tongue?
11 years ago
She does have a 4ft tongue. Starrsky is Medusa in disguise.
11 years ago
actually Starrsky I gave up trying to do this when I was 14. Slipping a disk in the bathtub and having to explain to your parents why you're stuck like that and can't get out of the bath is quite enough to put a man off it for the rest of his life.
11 years ago
So, doing this, you'll grow hair where now?

and on a related note:
Please recycle
11 years ago
Hes short wasted.. but don't be jealous of the hedgehogg
10 years ago
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