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Chicks in Bikinis vs. Human Tetris

Its Human Tetris again, but this time with all hot girls in bikini's.


by stewieX

submitted November 26th 2007

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if the walls were moving at 80 mph then it'd be interesting
11 years ago
With spikes, keep the bikini Asians.
11 years ago
And naturally there'd have to be heated acid in the pool instead of water... for a lil incentive
11 years ago
ok at 2:50 that girl is clearly retarded but fucking hot, so it doesn't matter.
11 years ago
The losers ought to wrestle in that pool.
11 years ago
Some of the easiest human tetris forms I've seen, if they had as many brain cells as they have implants, they could have done it.
11 years ago
do they not know how to lift up their legs or move their bodies into positions that don't involve them laying on their backs??
11 years ago
I think most of us want them on their backs. Or knees. Or stomachs...
11 years ago
The first one to figure out how to do it right was ... a blonde.
11 years ago
hit was soo wonderful...

i love asian women and hate blonds usually but every one of these girls were damn near perfect.

i approve.
11 years ago
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