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3 Person Jump Rope

Who thinks of doing these stupid stunts.


by yak

submitted November 21st 2007

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Steve Harvey hates white people
11 years ago
So does Wanko.
11 years ago
I don't believe in white people. They're like leprechauns or popes.
11 years ago
this is old school
11 years ago
old school?
11 years ago
I'd like to see him try this with 3 huge fat chicks... oh, and me on top.
11 years ago
He doesn't even care about the rope. He just wanted the first girls tits to rest on his head.
11 years ago
If I tried this stunt, I'd have her face the opposite way.
11 years ago
and you would use guys, admit it....
11 years ago
That's how I roll.
11 years ago
who wouldn't wanna jump with those three?
Must be extra difficult with all your blood rushing
11 years ago
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