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Weird Church Statue

I don't know.... maybe its SATAN?!


by yak

submitted November 20th 2007

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Well, that verifies that pic from yesterday
11 years ago
The "Church" loves to hate the gays.
11 years ago
That's one muscular chick.
11 years ago
That is def a priest and an altar boy. It's been going on for longer than we all thought.
11 years ago
A teacher, a lawyer and a priest were playing cards on the ships's deck when it hit a rock and started sinking, the following was the conversation they had:

Teacher: We are sinking! save the children!
Lawyer: Fuck the children!
Priest: Do we have time?
11 years ago
how can children be the future if they have none, amirite?
11 years ago
hey cheeky. I thought that was a Micheal Jackson joke.
11 years ago
Forget god , bow down before the mighty Fries.
11 years ago
Can I get an Almighty Burger with that?
11 years ago
You're still waiting for that big Mac aren't you ?
11 years ago
Yes, no special sauce, please.
11 years ago
Btw, you are fucking slow.
11 years ago
yeah, it's been like a month. i'm half tempted to get the burger for him, so that he'll stop bitching every time you make a post.
11 years ago
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