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Japanese Cum Challenge!


Who will be the first to have an orgasm!


by yak

submitted November 18th 2007

what do you think? let everyone know!
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I will be the first to have an orgasm!!
11 years ago
lol its funny they have toys n stuff to distract them from orgasming hahaha
11 years ago
hahah Fuck NBA , NFL, FA, and any thing else..this is shit is funny
11 years ago
Funny, I thought you preferred NAMBLA
11 years ago
LMFAO "North American Man Boy Love Association"
11 years ago
What the fuck is going on?
11 years ago
and why are they wearing clothes while doing whatever it is?
11 years ago
I saw this live on cable here in Tokyo about 3yrs ago. The girls are hypnotized and made to beleive that the banging of drums make them horny, thats why the rub themselves silly, it's great. I rubbed myself till i was silly as well
11 years ago
"it's great. I rubbed myself till i was silly as well"....

Best comment I've read here in quite a while.
11 years ago
Those crazy Japs.
11 years ago
Ya gotta love em!
11 years ago
11 years ago
11 years ago
I could learn from this.
11 years ago
take off clothing so we can see what is going on.
10 years ago
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