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Armpits are delicious

why not try those armpits with a little soy sauce next time?


by dead

submitted November 17th 2007

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Just like lickin pussy.
11 years ago
Like you've got any women in your poor, unethical life.
11 years ago
I suspect this doesn't taste as good as pussy, though.
11 years ago
Maybe Old Spice.
And Donovan, I've licked more pussy then days you've been alive. I had a girlfriend in Tennessee who told me when I first met her that she never sucked a dick in her marriage or life for that matter and I licked her pussy so much that she felt guilty and sucked my dick. Then I dumped her,stupid bitch.
11 years ago
As if pussy tastes good.?! It tastes like SH!T .. !!
7 years ago
...I don't know what pussy you've been eating, but the vast majority of the ones I've been down on have been clean and tasty.
7 years ago
Your licking the wrong damn hole you retard.
7 years ago
i dont care what anyone says.. this was still fucking hot since it had cute asians in it.
11 years ago
Plural? I think one was a dude... *Backs away*
11 years ago
i stand by my spelling error...
11 years ago
that's a fairly normal thing for jap compared to all that other shit they do
11 years ago
"shit" being the key word...
11 years ago
I'm afraid I would have involuntarily beat her to death had she tried that on me. Too ticklish.
11 years ago
I have licked armpits, I prefer them when they're smelly. Its best when they're shaved and sweaty, cause they're warm on my face.
10 years ago
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