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Juggling and Trickshots

Some pretty impressive demonstrations of juggling and basketball trick shots!


by yak

submitted November 16th 2007

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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I'm sure they were all first takes.
11 years ago
your mom was a first take
11 years ago
another genius..
11 years ago
My guess is years.
11 years ago
How much time can one person have on their hands?
11 years ago
Never enough, it seems. For instance he didn't have the time to dress up decently for the recording sessions.
11 years ago
that is that man's soulpath.
god made him to do that.
he is the best
at that

i bet it's even cooler LIVE
11 years ago
this guy must be a gym teacher with waaaaay too much time on his hands. he should take up child molestation to occupy him better.
11 years ago
Now maybe he can lose some weight.
11 years ago
the only one suffering from greater boredom than Tim Nolan must be the idiot filming this crap.
11 years ago
this is such a waste of time.. but that one at 1:38 was sick
11 years ago
that dude got a way with balls
11 years ago
balls of steel.
11 years ago
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