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Disgusting Iraqi Flytrap

Yeah, I mean you kill people, but a cup full of flies, that makes you gag...


by yak

submitted November 16th 2007

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I didn't know flytraps could eat flies
11 years ago
i didnt know your mom could eat my dick...but hey...i dont ask
11 years ago
Sooo you no longer have a dick then, Nitrous?
11 years ago
I don't think he did in the first place...i thought that was just a little bit too big clit...
11 years ago
"just a little bit too big clit..."

11 years ago
LMAO xvpolhhlkhfkjb;eirnf;lnd;livnnrf i love typing your name.. cause its like taking my aggression out on the keyboard.
11 years ago
Actually it's just four letters that are right next to each other...
11 years ago
That's true, but you can't help retard, it's a birth defect.
11 years ago
quick draw...? you love me dont you?
11 years ago
That's an easy wake to get a protein shake in the desert.
11 years ago
when i was a tike my neighbor used to do this, homestyle. he'd take a ball jar and punch some holes in the lid just big enough to let small flies in and then put some stuff inside to rot in the sun and sure enough- flies would go in and get too big to get out and pretty much you had the original version of what these boys are marvelling in this fine video of life overseas. amen
11 years ago
they havent seen 2 girls 1 cup yet i guess..
11 years ago
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