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All you wanted to know about voyeurism, or in my case, didn't care about knowing.


by yak

submitted November 14th 2007

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"I want them to see the real me...my tears...."
11 years ago
I approve.
11 years ago
i like how the guy says it isnt a sex site....

it took everything in my power to stop the universe from imploding just then.
11 years ago
dressing up like a girl to play twister with all those hot chicks?

not worth it.
11 years ago
The narrator is the same guy that did that show Buzzkill on MTV back in the day. His name is Travis Draft and he's in an awesome band called Van Stone and used to be in a band called the Bronx.
11 years ago
And you blew him how many times?
11 years ago
That was just dumb. Fag.
11 years ago
I laughed
11 years ago
that's rad, he did a gayner
11 years ago
This isn't voyeurism , this is just exploited the fact that some fat 30yr old american is going to pay to watch probably his only chance to see pussy.
11 years ago
What's your point?
11 years ago
my point is that this isnt voyeurism , it's more like exhibitionism.
11 years ago
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