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Fire Breathing


I'd be more impressed if she could do that with her pussy


by amishmafia

submitted November 13th 2007

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Fire Breathing
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lol look at all the mexicans
11 years ago
you're an idiot..
11 years ago
11 years ago
Who there gives a toss about the fire, seriously?

"Where you going"
"To watch a fire breather"
"Oh, Ok ...waaaait, is it a topless fire breather?"
"er...No you stupid bitch its a fully clothed fire breather"
"Are you sure...remember the topless juggler incident"
"Oh for christ sake wench when will you let that go"
"When you stop going to random topless events"
"That was a one off, and it was my stag night"
"You know how I feel about these things"
"Yes dear, were married, sacred union et ceteraaaaa, et ceteraaaaa"
"We are church going people & I will do anything you want in the bedroom so long as you dont go to these seedy topless events"
"uh huh"
"OK snuggle bum, off you go and here are the dollar bills you asked for to purchase hotdogs for you and the blind children you are taking to the zoo"

If you read all that youre a fucking mug!
11 years ago
There's one born every minute, Oranje - and I'm right on the clock, apparently.
11 years ago
Yep, not only read it but heard it all before!
11 years ago
to call people that read it a mug only distracts people from the fact that you took the time to write it.
11 years ago
hey oranje, i know i few good divorce lawyers to rid you of your hag.
11 years ago
Call me when it's time for custody. That's what my wife does, and she's good too.
11 years ago
I see this shit like once every week where I live.
11 years ago
What!? And you haven't posted ANYTHING!! Fuck you!!!
11 years ago
You live at a titty bar?
11 years ago
that's pretty hot, why not
11 years ago
Excellent rack. Which reminds me: where are all the MS girls submissions? Stoic, I'm looking at you.
11 years ago
So she spits?
11 years ago
she might swallow if you don't shoot flames out of you penis.
11 years ago
Since when can you take a camera in to a titty bar?
11 years ago
I'm a little curious.

Anyone know what shit like this goes on?
11 years ago
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