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Internet History of Camwhores

Just a bunch of stupid camwhores sitting in front of their computers... I don't see how these skanks could make any money doing this..


by yak

submitted November 12th 2007

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thats great,at lease show them at "work"
11 years ago
The song makes this strangely depressing. Like I'm watching some documentary about the sex slave trade and these are all the girls that have disappeared over the years.

Also there was a lack of action. Depressing.
11 years ago
Well, I´d like to have a sex slave...^^
11 years ago
at :18...

cutest girl on this whole vid
11 years ago
I hope you mean :19, because the one at 18 looks like trash.
11 years ago
around that 4 second range... it goes pretty fast
11 years ago
Did I just see girlslaughing?
11 years ago
Best jerk-off video ever. After .2 seconds you get tired of a chick and there's a new one ready for you.
11 years ago
And most of them good looking.
11 years ago
There must be either alot of really horney or really desperate guys out there in order for these girls to make any money. Oh wait, I forgot. Really stupid guys too.
11 years ago
Yeah.. looks like Yak has been there heaps but they didn't make any money out of him otherwise we would have seen some TITTIES !!!
11 years ago
6 years ago
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