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Crazy arab driver on two wheels

Bet you've never seen someone handle a pickup like that before.


by Stephen

submitted November 12th 2007

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lol fucking crazy
11 years ago
That's how they practice dodging bullets before they blow up a checkpoint
11 years ago
They just don't get this drifting thing at all do they.
11 years ago
lol wtf are you talking about? Does every car stunt have to be a drift?
11 years ago
It would only have been real crazy on a crowded highway.
11 years ago
that cant be good for your suspension or alighnment...

then again it looks like a dodge so it will only be an improvement.
11 years ago
with a toyota tailgate, interesting
11 years ago
Oddly enough, old Toyota trucks were able to use some dodge engine parts.
11 years ago
Hey take it easy on morph, ignis. He's only a nigger...
11 years ago
Morph, you only do this stuff in stolen cars.
11 years ago
wow talk about balance, BTW did anyone else see the weights in the bed, or am i seeing things
11 years ago
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