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finger licking good.


Redhead shitting and peeing from a chair into a chicks moth.


by fuckyouandyourlaw

submitted November 11th 2007

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3 girls 1 chair
11 years ago
That should be the update for the 2 girls cup video.
11 years ago
repost?? i know i have seen this before...
11 years ago
something that involves shit...No thank you
11 years ago
I'm with you on that one!
11 years ago
Those two are now on my "Do not kiss" list
11 years ago
Whatever Starr. You're a member of team SHIT.
11 years ago
What can brown do for you?
11 years ago
mmmmmm nutty goodness
11 years ago
Like they say if its brown flush it down, if its yellow let it mellow.
11 years ago
i love readheads almost as much as asina girls... although this one isnt all that great.

i wonder if these chicks bother taking a shower before the shoot... i mean lets be really youre going to get covered in shit and piss anyway.. why bother..?
11 years ago
Damn right. Redheads kick ass!
11 years ago
Hey, we've seen part of this before!
11 years ago
It's been twice now.
11 years ago
hang on... I didn't see any "moth"!

I'm flaccid with grief
11 years ago
Her butterfly was a little more brown and dusty....aka moth
11 years ago
A chicks moth? <title description>
11 years ago
Good example of a butterface. At least she has good grooming habits.
11 years ago
I came here looking for moth porn. This is disgusting!
11 years ago
Jesus Fucking H Christ.
Now that is nasty.
And science makes a big deal
about bacteria in excrement?
10 years ago
Tima knows a good thing when she sees it.
7 years ago
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