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Immigration Rhapsody

Immigrant immigrant! Why do you seek in to our country?

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by yak

submitted November 5th 2007

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This isn't Freddy Mercury.
Who's talking back there!?!? StOP
11 years ago
I honestly saw a school bus stop at a trailer park and it took about 15 minutes for all the mexican kids to get out. I wouldnt have cared except for the fact that I had to sit wait behind em
11 years ago
They must have been on their way to pick Escherichia coli Brand Spinach or something.
11 years ago
eh... at best.
11 years ago
ddefinately not a jib jab production...
11 years ago
Living in San Diego sucks cause of the Mexicans...can't drive north from 6:00am - 11:00am and can't drive south from 3:00pm to 7:00pm
11 years ago
Boring and stupid. Since when has congress done anything except allowed more mexicans in...
11 years ago
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