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Delilah the Sheep


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by Apathy

submitted November 3rd 2007

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Delilah the Sheep
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That is a sexy bitch. You gotta admit.
11 years ago
I wonder if she has a sister...
11 years ago
Don't get between a man his sheep and their tractor.
11 years ago
Ah, the Golden Rule...
11 years ago
Why scot's wear kilts, sheep can hear a zipper a mile away.
11 years ago
What about the welsh ?
11 years ago
Yeah, that's more of a Welsh thing. The Scot's wear kilts because it's easier to run from an irate husband with your kilt up than your pants down.
11 years ago
^The voice of experience.

The sheep shagger thing is mainly Welsh and Antipodean.

What do you call 3 sheep tied to a lampost in Cardiff?
A leisure centre
What do you call a Welshman with 4 sheep?
A pimp
11 years ago
i only wear the bell on special occasions.
11 years ago
What about suspenders ?
11 years ago
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