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Pissed off Mascots

That poor mascot, I wonder what they did to get ostracized from the rest of the pack.


by yak

submitted October 26th 2007

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HOLY SHIT! Mascots are just people dressed up!?
11 years ago
No, this has to be fake.
11 years ago
I'd love to see the mugshots on this one... where's The Smoking Gun when we need it?
11 years ago
Man that was just plain weird
11 years ago
silly mexicans thats not the pinata
11 years ago
I'd love to be there at the point when the cop says, "
And can you describe your attackers, sir?"
11 years ago
"It was a zebra officer"

"Pass the taser Frank"
11 years ago
Carnaval initiation.
11 years ago
....and all because the pantomime horse forgot his costume.
11 years ago
they were obviously getting jumped into their crew
11 years ago
Half of them werent wearing their head pieces, the guy they were hitting probably took them as a joke. jokes on him.
10 years ago
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