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Swingset Singing Morons

Their singing actually destroyed the structural integrity of that swing... Or maybe it was their fat asses.


by yak

submitted October 26th 2007

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Wayyy too long, and not enough gore.
11 years ago
"Oooo you touch my Tra La La" is a much better song.
11 years ago
I'm a gangster, I drop bombs like Hiroshima.
I'm a gangster, bitch suck on my weiner.
11 years ago
FAKE!!! u can tell they were waiting for it to fall! and the way it fell part!>FAKE!
11 years ago
ok ok , relax buddy calm down
11 years ago
11 years ago
They were just kids. I hope they're ok.
11 years ago
Shut up Pedo.
11 years ago
So, at what point of the swingset rocking back and forth like a skyscraper during an earthquake does something in your mind tell you to stop swinging?
No sympathy..
11 years ago
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