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Butch Patrick's career definitely moved forward after The Munsters.

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by UshutfaceNow

submitted October 26th 2007

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0:21 WOAH! Point that thing somewhere else, pal!
Also, this is very possibly the gayest thing ever. Ever.
11 years ago
I've never done acid before, but now I'm tempted.
11 years ago
It's cool, won't hurt you at all, I promise.
11 years ago
... i dont get it...
11 years ago
i remember watching this and one other show on tv land a while back
11 years ago
i vaguely remember this ...kind of an HR pufnstuf ripoff
11 years ago
The same people that made HR made this, as well as many other disturbing 'mini-shows' on The Kroft Superstars. That's Eddie Munster, too.
11 years ago
ya..he's barely recognizable
11 years ago
I like to think of Mucho as a sort of Lidsville. -Only shit and gore instead of hats.
11 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
never mind He-Man, here's the LidsPistols
2 years ago
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