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Bird steals burger

Watching that fat bastard run is the sickest thing i've ever seen.


by BoB777

submitted October 25th 2007

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I hate birds. But I do love cloacas.
11 years ago
The seagul is the state bird of Utah. "hes runnin aray?"
11 years ago
That gull probably had a heart attack about, oh lets say about 30 seconds after the clip took place
11 years ago
so'd the fat guy
11 years ago
Those animals are unstoppable eating machines.

...and Seagulls have quite an appetite too.
11 years ago
well... thats one way to go on a diet... fatty
11 years ago
he should eat Subway subs for lots of different reasons
11 years ago
that was his aerobic workout for the decade.
11 years ago
The obese gentleman had a strange walk
11 years ago
It's because he's a walrus.
11 years ago
This vid needs a David attenborough style commentry "here we see the common seagull stealing the walrus's meal"
11 years ago
I'm always videoing burgers that I leave on the tops of cars.
11 years ago
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