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The Inadequator 3000


You can't tell me the guy on the couch isn't crying on the inside.


by Anonymous

submitted October 24th 2007

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why would he be crying? Isn't everyones dick that big?
11 years ago
no. maybe when you get a guy to have sex with you, you'll find that out.
11 years ago
Come get your woman on a stick!
11 years ago
The video is not long enough to
be worth anything...
11 years ago
you didnt have time to cum ? you'll have to practice my son. . . Then you'll master the skill of cumming to a internet clip
11 years ago
When before a word beginning with a Vowel One should use AN.

Example: I have a jawbreaker.

Incorrect Example: Rageolucifer is a illiterate, donkey fucking cunt with
11 years ago
once again...

...in the anus!
11 years ago
Mmmm whale...
11 years ago
After that she'd be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.
11 years ago
Wasn't it like that before?
11 years ago
You can slide headfirst into home base without a problem.
11 years ago
So, whens the first Elephant fucking teenagers clips coming out?
11 years ago
I wonder how far she has it in there.
11 years ago
not far enough my friend
5 years ago
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