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Slow-Motion WTC

Slow motion video of the second plane hitting the world trade center tower. This video has not been altered in any way. This footage is everywhere. There is a new movie on DVD called "In Plane Site" which talks about this and has 4 different camera angles all showing the same thing as well as footage from the first plane!!!If you don't trust that you can order a DVD from CNN called "America Remembers" which has this clip in a video montage. Feel free to compare it! What to look for: 1) Strange "Pod Looking" thing on bottom of plane. 2) Flash of light from Pod thing just before impact.


by Liberalartists

submitted August 31st 2004

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One word...

5 years ago
Liberalartists has never been so popular
5 years ago
Don't even know what that means but im pretty sure it was dug-level dumb.
5 years ago
It's the name of the user.. he posted a bunch of stuff like 8 years ago and people are commenting on them today.
5 years ago
Thanks Bono.
5 years ago
No.... I know ... I was going though his subs and comment on some that never got commented on as well.
5 years ago
You are welcome Barret.

It must be so embarrassing to not understand Dug-level dumb.
5 years ago
this pisses me off on a frame by frame basis
5 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
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